The Vision - Canvey Comes Alive

A vision for Canvey Island Town Centre has been defined, based on the objectives set out in the brief and the aspirations of the local community. The overarching aim is to breathe new life into the Town Centre.

Canvey Island Town Centre will become a new heart for the local community and a destination for visitors. The already strong community will be empowered with facilities, choices and opportunities, and the tools to be actively involved in the future of the Town Centre. The masterplan will build on the Island’s unique character and community spirit in the services, buildings, streets and spaces and will instill a sense of pride through quality. Drawing people between existing and new destinations will encourage investment and long term economic viability and will ultimately make Canvey Island Town Centre come alive.

The masterplan is based on a number of important concepts...


A distinctive identity that builds on the uniqueness of Canvey

Developing a network of public spaces that connect destinations

Creating a pleasant and safe street environment by calming traffic and prioritising pedestrians


Improving the quality, range and access to shops, services and facilities

Activity in the streets and spaces -markets/events

A step change in the quality of the streets and buildings

Bringing nature into the Town Centre


Strengthening Furtherwick Road as the main shopping street in the Town Centre

A more efficient transport system by removing the one way gyratory around the Town Centre

Providing pedestrian linkages to and between destinations within the Town Centre

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