Public Realm

Using your feedback, we have developed a public realm strategy to establish how the spaces and streets in Canvey town centre should be transformed. It considers the public realm as a whole and establishes initial design solutions and an overall concept for the town centre to enhance the streetscapes.

The public realm strategy also sets the benchmark of quality and aesthetics for all new public realm works, providing guidance on layout, materials, elements, implementation and maintenance for public realm works within the town centre. The key objectives include:

Creating a co-ordinated palette of materials and furniture to ensure a cohesive design unifying the town centre, and that are robust and easy to maintain

Retaining existing buildings with valuable character

Introducing as many street trees as possible to green and soften the town centre

Creating opportunities for hanging baskets and planting boxes within the public realm

Creating a pedestrian friendly environment that is functional, aesthetic and safe that caters to different user groups

Creating a place in which people wish to spend time

Through paving, furniture and public art create a ‘sparkle’ in the streetscape that relates to the Dutch and seaside influences on Canvey Island

Reducing the dominance and speed of vehicles within the town centre by designing management measures into the public realm

Providing on street parking and loading pull in bays that provide short stay parking opportunities within the town centre

Enhancing the generous footpaths in the town centre clearing them of clutter, to ensure unobstructed pedestrian movement and sightlines

Developing strategies for maintenance, markets, events and public art to ensure the continued good management and layout of the town centre