New and improved spaces

Streets and spaces in the Town Centre will be transformed based on a number of guiding principles...

Improving the appearance, quality, experience and perceptions of the Town Centre

Improved pedestrian and cycle access into and around the Town Centre

Reduce the speed of traffic passing through the Town Centre while maintaining the flow

Create a network of new public spaces with a variety of seating, tree planting and sculptures

Change in the character of the streets at entrance gateways into the Town Centre

A distinctive character in the public realm as part of the Canvey Island Town identity

All spaces designed to accommodate a Town Market and outdoor events

The following spaces have potential to be created…

Civic Square: An iconic space at the junction of Furtherwick Road and the High Street

Town Square: A flexible shared space connecting the shopping area with the school on Foksville Road

A central space within the expanded shopping area for meeting and relaxation

A green square, based on the retained Memorials, in the Paddocks

Enhanced spaces at existing junctions

A linear green space connecting through to the Lake

Streets will be treated as follows…

Furtherwick Road: This will be strengthened as the main street in the town. Two-way traffic will be introduced, calmed by surface treatments, new crossing points, on street parking and trees planted

Foksville Road: The road will be realigned and a raised ‘shared’ surface added to calm traffic and allow pedestrian to cross between the shopping area and the new school

High Street: Two-way traffic introduced, tree planting and on street parking outside local shops

Streets will be managed flexibly to allow for temporary pedestrianisation with town-wide markets and outdoor events