Movement Principles

Create pleasant, calmed streets to slow vehicles through the Town Centre while allowing efficient two way movement

Reduce the dominance of vehicles while balancing the needs of all users

Promote non-car travel and improved health and wellbeing

Provide better access to services and facilities

Create gateways at key arrival points into the Town

Provide quality signage to destinations in the Town Centre

Improve and integrate bus and taxi operations within the new Town Centre plan

Moving around the Town Centre will be an easy and pleasant experience...

Create new pedestrian and cycle only routes

Calm traffic and adapt existing streets to be pedestrian and cycle friendly

Make roads two-way so cars can pass directly through the Town Centre

Remove barriers to movement, including railings and pedestrian islands

Treat the road and pavement surfaces with a common, distinguishable material to announce arrival into the Town Centre and calm traffic

Allow temporary pedestrianisation of streets, with traffic re-routed, to accommodate markets and events

A ‘hub’ for bus services in Furtherwick Road

Taxi pick up and drop off provided on Furtherwick Road

Shops serviced from concealed yards to the rear where possible

Re-provide existing car parking at the Knightswick Centre in a multi-storey building