You spoke, we listened

We asked you what type of public realm treatment you would like in the town centre…

Through consultation with the local community, key officers and discussions with steering groups it was established that the public realm for Canvey should be:

Simple, elegant and cohesive, with a sparkle of interest that draws on the islands Dutch architectural influence and the seaside town locality to make the streetscapes of Canvey unique!

Completing the masterplan… have your final say!

Castle Point Borough Council are seeking to formally adopt the masterplan as planning policy, and there is an opportunity for local residents to have your say through a six week public consultation, commencing on Thursday 16th June.

Local residents, retailers and businesses can take part in the consultation by visiting the Council’s website or by visiting the Canvey Town Centre Regeneration Shop in the Knightswick Centre. The Regeneration Shop is open Wednesday to Friday 10am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.

Consultation responses on the Council’s proposals to adopt the Canvey Town Centre Masterplan can be made until Monday 1st August 2011. Consultation responses can be made online by visiting, by emailing or by writing to Planning Policy, Castle Point Borough Council, Kiln Road, Benfleet, SS7 1TF. Residents can also drop consultation responses into the Regeneration Shop until 1pm on Saturday 30th July 2011.

We held a number of events...

Interviews with community groups

Launch of the Canvey Comes Alive website

Regeneration shop ‘Issues’ exhibition from July 2009

Regeneration shop ‘Options’ exhibition from September 2009

Workshops with local schools in October 2009

…and received an overwhelming response Over 6,200 visitors to the Regeneration Shop

Some 200 questionnaires completed

600 comments posted

350 visitors to the website

60 Facebook and Twitter friends

You clearly identified issues with the Town Centre...

Poor quality shops with a lack of variety

A shortfall in services - too many fast food outlets and estate agents

Poor quality buildings, streets and lack of public spaces

Lack of entertainment for all ages

An environment that caters for cars rather than people

…and your hopes for the future

Better streets and public spaces

Town events and markets

Improve shopping by attracting new retailers while helping local traders

Priority for people rather than cars

A better range of services, including cafes and community facilities

Improved bus services

New cycle lanes and cycle parking

Feeling safer in the Town Centre

We developed a number of options...

Refurbish the existing buildings to improve the existing shops

Extend the existing buildings to provide more shop space

Redevelop the existing buildings to allow greater change

Upgrading the streets and providing new public spaces

Improvements to walking, cycling, vehicle and bus use

A range of new community uses such as youth facilities, a Council One-Stop-Shop and an Art Gallery on the Paddocks

…and you particularly liked the following ideas

Redevelopment of the shopping area (the refurbishment option was least favoured)

The ideas for new spaces and improved streets

Greening the Town Centre

Creating spaces for events and markets

Making the streets more pedestrian friendly

Improving bus services

Catering for cyclists

Providing space for youth services and small businesses